Storm Yard Debris

Residents are reminded that storm-related yard waste must be prepared like normal yard waste for curbside collection. Yard waste must be kept separate from structural debris, bulky items, recycling or household trash/garbage. Leaves and other light yard waste (twigs, pine cones, etc.) may be placed in paper bags or in 45 gallon personal containers to prevent them from being windblown. There will be no special collection of horticultural debris related to the storm. Yard waste will be collected on your normal yard waste collection day. Waste collection crews are working hard to remove the waste from curbside and need your help to ensure a safe and timely collection. Horticultural debris – yard waste – must be properly prepared for collection:

  • Limbs and large branches need to be removed by the property owner or landscape contractor and taken to the landfill or area recycling center.
  • Branches no larger than 4 inches in diameter may be cut to lengths no longer than 4 feet, then tie limbs with string into bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds.
  • Leaves and smaller items of landscape debris should be placed into paper sacks (NO PLASTIC BAGS WILL BE ACCEPTED) or 45 gallon personal containers.
  • Up to 10 bundles, paper bags or 45 gallon personal containers of debris will be collected each week on the customer’s normal yard waste collection day, placed curbside alongside their recycle container. Example: three bundles, five paper sacks and two 45 gallon personal containers. Where there are more than 10 items, only 10 should be placed curbside in any one week.  For large limbs, call (239) 252-2380. Special collections will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Large limbs removed by the property owner or landscape contractor can be taken to the landfill or recycling center.
  • Residents are advised that trees located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.


For questions or information regarding the disposal of horticultural debris (yard waste), call Collier County’s Customer Service line at (239) 252-2380.


David Burton

Naples, Florida

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